As Product Manager for Sonic Tap, I love interacting with our customers. My favorite e-mail to get is the one where someone is in search of a song they heard on one of our channels that they can’t seem to find anywhere. Most times the search is fairly simple (once I know the approximate date/time the song was played).

Where it gets FUN is when the song in question is not for available or out of print. The track we are playing may have been in our database for years so these things aren’t always easily available. I LOVE searching the net for rare musical treasures. This love started for me when I got this job. For YEARS I had been searching for a song I heard when I was very young. The title was “Falling From Heaven.” The track was basically a soul power ballad. The artist (at least, the artist I thought did the song) was Lenny Williams. I searched every record store, flea market, and even the Internet for “Falling From Heaven” By Lenny Williams. I never found it…until I loosened my search parameters. Doing a simple title search in the Sonic Tap website yielded my song –but the artist was NOT Lenny Williams!

The song I had been looking for all that time was actually sung by Prince Phillip Mitchell! I guess I heard the DJ wrong all those years ago and Lenny Williams just stuck in my head. In my defense the two singers are similar…

Lenny Williams – “Cause I Love You”

Prince Phillip Mitchell – “Falling From Heaven”

You gotta love the Internet. I have found some pretty rare things for my customers. In this day and age, with all the different music sources, one can to find (and hear) pretty much any song…unless of course it is a non- album single from a defunct record label like my latest quest. If you know anyone with a copy of Sister Sledge’s “I’ve Seen Better Days” (Cotillion Records 1978) let me know!

– Submitted by Jose Brown, Sonic Tap