On the eve of my trip to Europe, I decided to put together a “mix tape” for my travels. There’s no way I can go 10 days without listening to music. I figure that while I’m in the air (for 10+ hours each way), music will be the one thing to keep me grounded and I’ll be able to forget that I’m 40,000 feet over the earth, traveling across the globe (secret fact: I do not like to fly).


Regardless, the destination will be well worth the trouble. I’m flying into Paris, France and then to Malaga, Spain. This is a big deal for a girl who’s never been overseas before. I plan on fully taking in the culture; biking around quaint towns, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, exploring caves in Nerja, and enjoying all the seasonal wines and sherries that Spain has to offer!

So, to remind myself of home, excite myself about the adventures to come, and lull myself to sleep on the way back during a trip that tacks on hours due to massive time zone changes, I’ve prepared a list that I’d love to share with everyone! Oddly enough, I do this pretty much on a daily basis for clients all over the country. One would think that I wouldn’t want to do the same for myself due to potential burnout with the process. On the contrary, this is something I live and breathe for, so here goes!

Listen to the playlist here.

– Submitted by Ashley Columbus, Music Design