Fur Trade’s “Don’t Get Heavy (Sleepy Tom Remix)” is a banger! Even though I have had my hands on this for a bit now, the fact that it still maintains a healthy rotation in my personal listening habits has made it a certified favorite.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Sleepy Tom is a producer I’m excited to hear more from and should be on your “Watch List.” He has pumped out a unique sounding trap tune that uses an indie electro original as its base, rather than obvious trap remix go tos like hip hop, rap and dubstep.

Though the current trap trend is to get the beat as filthy as possible, I love the fact that Sleepy Tom maintains a strong melodic edge utilizing euphoric leads and dreamy vocals, especially as they accentuate the bass quake when the song drops. The lyrical hook/chorus line “Don’t Get Heavy” is ironic because that is exactly what the song gets as it booms to dirty, spacey synth lines and deep 808 crunk beats that demand you bounce and nod your head. What makes this a really good remix is that Sleepy Tom blends the sounds together, keeping and building upon the key elements of the original. There’s nothing worse than having a remix that is devoid of the components that made the original song good in the first place.

As an aside, the accompanying music video is pretty cool too, drawing upon a variety of retro footage that is edited in a way that highlights the dynamics of the track, and highlighting backward/forward motions for a visually trippy effect.

If you’re digging out Sleepy Tom’s style, I also recommend checking out his latest take of Flux Pavilion’s dubstep anthem “I Can’t Stop.”

– Submitted by Jesse Nathason, Music Design