Norman Cooke has released another treasure sure to please. The new Big Beach Boutique 5 CD + DVD documents the Fatboy Slim two-night residency at Brighton’s Amex stadium last summer. The release features 40 tracks, old and new, from this live performance in front an audience of 40,000.

Overall, Fatboy Slim’s new album provides a good dose of classics for the fans while being spot-on with the current EDM trend.

For a late night swirl, “Build It Up” is one tasty, deep and dirty house music jam. The headstrong will hurry on over to “Grunge,” “Kendo,” “L’Amour,” and “Lollipop” which all provide equal portions of hard EDM synths, acid, and a sprinkle of Space Invaders just for thrills.

And those who can’t wait for the new Daft Punk album, “Clubs” will certainly work for you…very French filter disco loop stylee.

These songs fit perfectly on Mood’s programs that cater to audiences leading an active/festive lifestyle, such as Subterranean, Classic Hits Blend, and Modern Retro. Listen for more from Fatboy Slim next time you’re at a bar, lounge, boutique, or health club.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design