Fusing samples, melodies and styles from swing, jazz, and big band, artists are incorporating elements of EDM (electronic dance music) to create a contemporary, energetic, dance influenced sound. I was exposed to the genre a few years ago after coming across the following song by Parov Stelar, who has become one of the most prominent artists of the genre.


This led me to one of the first compilations documenting this fresh synergy of musical eras. Electro Swing showcases a variety of artists including Caravan Palace, another premier participant in the scene.

To be honest I haven’t remained overly attentive in keeping up with the genre over the last couple of years, until I randomly come across a few in my regular blog roundups. It’s interesting to see artists take it to the next level by incorporating additional developing and established electronic influences, or by doing remixes in this style. The following remix by Klischée is a shining example, completely changing the feel from the electro-rock original.

JFB draws upon dubstep in the following track to add in some gritty, growling bass to the mix showcasing how EDM genres fuse together to create new categories like “swingstep.”

The following banger by The McMash Clan is what peaked my interest back into the genre. This is the epitome of modern day electro swing, that I’m sure at this very moment is in the back pocket of EDM/Club DJ’s  just waiting to unleash this gem to surprised audiences all over. This is one of the heaviest tunes in the style that I’ve come across, incorporating hard electro and moombahton (a rapidly rising EDM genre of its own) to produce a undeniably unique track that is full of energy and demands you get down and do the lindy hop (or the modern day equivalent).

To wrap it up, I really like what Odjbox has been producing, especially this unique head bopping swinghop tune. Buzzing bass, catchy melodies and great vocals courtesy of Lucinda Belle, ensures the freshness of genre. Interested to see what comes out next…

Don’t Get Me Wrong ft. Lucinda Belle – Odjbox & Pierre by Odjbox

– Submitted by Jesse Nathason, Music Design