Dido has returned with a new single off her new album, The Girl Who Got Away, and I could not be more excited.


My initial impressions of samplings from her fourth album left me a bit numb. After four-plus years since her last, it seemed as though Dido had only delivered us more weepie, down-tempo material and, frankly, I had my fill. To my surprise, her label, RCA, sent over a fantastic remix package for the second single, “No Freedom.” Both Ark Angel and J Viewz really brought out the story and emotion in their individual remix productions. I have to say, the J Viewz remix rather reminded me of an old Ben Watt/Tracey Thorn creation (Everything But The Girl), taking me back to a time when house music was a tad more organic than what it is today. If you seek the pounding electricity of an EDM-style remix, Benny Benassi and Tom Swoon deliver.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design