If last summer’s newbie queen of pop is searching for her footing on radio this year, her new single “Taking A Picture” is a pretty good start. Warm electronic toms bubble throughout, reminiscent of the best Annie or Robyn tracks (songs that should’ve been Top 40 years ago, but they were not). Her typical long form melody carries the ear, while smaller motifs pop up in search of the ever useful earworm. That really could be someone’s ringtone that keeps popping up. The tune sticks to 120 BPM and stays smooth and comforting. Lyrically she still sounds friendly, girl-next-door, with the vague theme of longing. She gives just enough of a twist in the lyrics around the contemporary trope of everyone taking pictures of each other at the same time.

Carly Rae has the three and a half minute pop song down to a science. The precision of the tune is one of the only gripes anyone could have with this. It is not as playful as “Call Me Maybe,” and there’s nothing that immediately grabs you like that song’s synth strings. But it’s positive and fun. Obviously, this song could be used with most youth retail brands, not out of place in casual clothing stores or trendy boutiques.

– Submitted by Bo White, Music Design