Three years after releasing their highly-praised debut album Blow Up, Bomba Estéreo is back with a softer, more sensual sophomore release. Elegancia Tropical features 11 tracks written by bassist Simon Mejía and singer/rapper Li Saumet, who shows restraint with a decidedly less frenzied, more controlled vocal delivery. The album still ignites sweaty dance floors with “Rocas (feat. B’Negão)” and “Mozo (feat. Buraka Som Sistema),” both of which feature Brazilian guest artists, “Caribbean Power”, the song most reminiscent of Bomba Estéreo’s original sound, and the dance pop hit “Pure Love” that might make even David Guetta jealous. On the flip side is the hauntingly nostalgic “Bosque” which showcases Saumet as a lovely singer not just a sing-songy rapper. Saumet’s personal development, in addition to the varied tempos and textures explored on the album, reveal the type of growth and maturity sophomore albums strive for but often miss, ensuring that Elegancia Tropical is poised to blow up.

The album is out now on Soundway Records. Click here to stream it!

– Submitted by Anita Benner, Music Design