Maybe it’s a tad early to make this sort of determination, but Basement Jaxx’s Junto is my favorite electronic dance album of the year thus far.

Basement Jaxx

Feeling a bit hungry for something a little more organic or all-natural, and certainly tiring of all the packaged dance material out there these days, Basement Jaxx really delivered a healthy plate of worldly house gems. It’s been about five years since their last album and this time they’ve gone back to their roots, so to speak. The last album was dark, and lacked the excitement of earlier works such as “Romeo,” “Bingo Bango,” “Red Alert,” “Do Your Thing” or “Just 1 Kiss.” Those songs were, without question, spectacular and great fun. Junto glides along without creating friction, with clever lyric drops, and some mighty tribal and Afro rhythms. Just great, positive, upbeat fun here to put a smile on your face and get you movin’.

Choice tracks:

“Never Say Never” (Straight-up vocal house track that has already topped dance charts worldwide)

“What’s The News” (Bouncy, bubbly, fun party house)

“Unicorn” (Reminiscent of classic 90’s house)

“Mermaid Of Bahia” (This rhythm will tear up the floors…”I’m In The Hotbox!”)

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– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design