Avicii’s latest single, “Wake Me Up,” has both confused and excited many of his fans worldwide. Of course it has his characteristic big room, progressive house sound with a strong booming dance beat, euphoric vocals, and a catchy as hell hook. However, he is determined to not be stagnant artistically and expand his style and even modern dance music itself. As such, Avicii has incorporated twangy guitar strums and bluegrass styled vocals courtesy of Aloe Blacc, sparking a new sound of “country house.” It will be interesting to see if this song attracts country fans and, vice versa, if it prompts electronic fans to consider country. Can I just say, that I think it would be fantastic to go to a show where cowboys had glow sticks and two-stepped to some bumping electro beats? Please comment below if this already exists…

Avicii featuring Aloe Blacc

The song had made its debut at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year, when he caught many attendees off guard by utilizing live instruments and sharing the stage with country and bluegrass artists Mac Davis, Audra Mae and Dan Tyminski (as well as Aloe Blacc). This was a risky move by Avicii and management to showcase material from his upcoming album, alienating some fans but in the long run will surely gain more, especially to those not especially interested in electronic music. “Wake Me Up” recently had its official worldwide premier on BBC Radio1’s Pete Tong Show, reaching audiences that may not have heard it from the post-UMF buzz. The repost of the premier through YouTube had already racked up a few million hits and the single has now been officially released in the United States.

“Wake Me Up” is energetic, catchy, and accessible, fitting well for core programs like Strobe, Power Hits, and Hitline (when it undoubtedly becomes a chart hit).

“Wake Me Up” will be featured on his debut album True which is scheduled to be released on September 17th.

– Submitted by Jesse Nathason, Music Design