It’s no secret that musicians struggle to make a living in today’s digitally savvy world.

The increase in illegal downloads and streaming platforms is a topic of controversy for musicians and fans alike. Record sales are plummeting and artists are being forced to shift their focus on other methods of income.

Here at Mood, we advocate for artists in the music industry. It’s an unavoidably fluctuating business, but signing a license could benefit you financially in the short and long term.

Receiving royalties for every distribution of your music is a tangible benefit all artists appreciate. It may not be a huge cut every quarter; however, it is a guarantee you will be getting paid for the use of your music, which is sadly becoming uncommon.

Direct licenses are also an option for artists that own the master and/or publishing rights and don’t have a label.

Exposure, on the other hand, is a less tangible benefit but a substantial one. Exposure could lead to obvious long-term benefits. Mood has over 560,000 clients in more than 55 countries. Your music could potentially be playing in retail stores, restaurants, and/or hotels all over the world.

Our  Music Licensing team offers different “packages” to clients; some are premade stations similar to Pandora and others are custom-made stations with the intent to create more detailed branding.

Because our licenses are all blanket licenses, they not only cover the music you have now, but all future releases (until you terminate your agreement). This means that even if our Music Designers don’t think your current music would work in their client’s locations, they could find a fit for your next album. Not to mention signing a license is free of fees and completely nonexclusive.

And with apps like Shazam, it’s not difficult for fans or others in the industry to discover your music.

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– Submitted by Zoe Simpson, Licensing