Music has always been an essential element of the human experience, shaping the way we gather, interact, and relate to one another – and our environment.

And as human civilization and culture have evolved, so has our musical experience. We’ve come from little wooden whistles and bear skin drums to complex audio systems – but no matter how much music has changed, this fact remains the same: the sounds we hear shape our experiences and have a huge influence on the way we behave and the way we perceive what’s around us.

Music affects the way we move, the way we work, the way we eat, sleep, play, shop. And believe me, the stats are out there to prove it.

Business owners have known about the power of music for decades, which is why background music for business is an absolute staple across all industries. From the grocery store to the auto repair shop, you’ll hear music playing in just about any commercial space. Everyone knows that they need to have some kind of business music solution, but few actually take the time to consider how to make music work to their maximum advantage.

Why do you need a business music solution?

It’s simple. Using the right music in a commercial setting puts customers in the mood to buy. As a business owner, your ultimate goal in using music at your business should be to create an atmosphere that influences people to spend more money at your business – now and in the future.

So what kind of music influences people to spend money?

Answering this question is where many businesses seem to get off track from creating a solid business music strategy. It starts with recognizing that music for business isn’t about plugging in your iPhone and playing a program that has a mix of songs your customers like, or whatever genre you’re feeling that day.

The key is to find music that expresses the values and spirit of your brand. It’s about making a conscious decision on what your customers hear while they’re in your business, and understanding that playing the right music can have a positive influence on the customer experience – and ultimately, your bottom line.

Not sure what music expresses your brand? Begin by thinking about what kind of music appeals to your target clientele. If you’re a women’s apparel company targeting fashionistas ages 19-25, then lay off of the hip-hop and go for indie rock and pop instead. If you’re an urban sneaker store, then you better spin those hip-hop hits all day.

I’ll step in the customer’s shoes (no pun intended) for a minute. When I walk into a hip sneaker store and start eyeing up the selection, I’m not exactly going to get real excited to keep on shopping if Mumford & Sons or Taylor Swift are crooning overhead. But if I’m in a downtown bar having a few drinks with friends, those are artists I’d probably expect to hear and see people singing along with.

When you get right down to it – music is all about appealing to the emotions. If the experience at your business has a positive influence on your customers’ emotions – or to put it simply – makes them feel good, then you’ve just made a connection with them that goes beyond the quality of your offerings. You’ve made them a fan of your brand. Go team.

And what do we do when we feel good while at a business?  

We spend money.

And if the overall experience holds up, we come back in the future and do it again. We tell our friends and family about the great experience we had at that business and encourage them to enjoy the same experience.

That’s the power of music for business.

Here at Mood, we understand how to use the power of music. We help businesses of all sizes and from all industries use the power of music to connect with their customers and create lasting results. We’re able to offer the world’s largest library of music that’s fully licensed and designed specifically for business use. We’re talking millions of tracks and hundreds of professionally designed programs from dozens of genres.

Check out our affordable suite of music for business solutions and start putting the power of music for business to work for you today.

– Submitted by Jeff Sheerin, Marketing