After the sad news of Davy Jones’ passing, it’s only fitting that this week’s Music Flick is a film from The Monkees. Say what you will about the “Pre-Fab Four,” The Monkees made a huge impact on the world with their hilarious sitcom and incredible albums. They were great.

After their TV show wrapped in 1968, The Monkees set their eye on the silver screen. But the last thing they wanted to do was create a “90 minute Monkees episode.” Instead, they enlisted the help of writer/director/producer Bob Rafelson and (pre-fame) Jack Nicholson to create a film that broke the mold The Monkees had been formed in.

Head is is filmed in a “stream of consciousness” fashion, attempting to tie together unrelated scenes showing the band members attempting to exercise their free will. Basically, the film is a stab at the band’s manufactured beginnings. At the time, it marked the end of the Monkees’ career and alienated the band’s many fans because of its dark and psychedelic nature. Today it’s regarded by critics and a cult following as one of the best (and strangest) music movies ever made. Either way, it’s worth watching.

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media