It’s spring time and you know what that means… wedding season is here! Even though it’s been 3 years since my wedding, I’m still obsessed with the fashion, décor, music, and all that goes along with getting hitched. I’ve been to one wedding this year and we have two more to go! Think back to your own wedding… what was the soundtrack for your special day? What songs would you pick for your reception if you had to do it all over again? Do you remember one of the most popular reception songs of the late 90s… I can’t tell you how many times I heard Edwin McCain singing “I’ll Be” for a couples’ first dance. At the end of the night, you’ll often hear Donna Summer singing “Last Dance”…it’s then that you know to get the rice or bubbles or whatever the couple has picked out to help send them off on their merry (pun intended) way.

My wedding radar was jogged again as I was selecting songs for our Country Music One program. I came across what could possibly be the next Father/Daughter dance song of the year. Country artist Chris Cagle is back with a new single called “Dance Baby Dance.” With lyrics like “And I know there’s going to come a time, when she’ll be there all dressed in white, and I’ll take her hand for one last dance” you might have to break out the tissues! I can’t help but be partial to my own wedding first dance; it took place on a chilly 32 degree day in January, 2010. The Avett Brothers album I And Love And You was just released and the song “January Wedding” was the perfect song to my perfect day.

What will be, or what was the perfect song (s) for your perfect day?

– Submitted by Meg Kimmel, Music Design