Recently, I had the honor of representing Mood Media at the Austin Chronicle’s annual Mind Over Music Trivia Challenge, where we competed against the best in the (Austin) music industry for ultimate bragging rights and to fluff up off our nerdy feathers. We made it into the Top 10, which is not too shabby, considering the 30+ teams total.

Last week, we had our own Music Trivia face-off in the lobby of the Austin office, complete with lyric naming, album cover guessing, identifying the song playing backwards, and guessing musicians’ last names. (Adele’s last name is Adkins! Who knew? Not us.) The 12 teams competed vigorously and much imaginary blood was shed. Our team, Audio Engineering & Marketing and cleverly named MOOD:DOOM, made T-shirts to intimidate the opposition. It was super effective!

Mood(Team MOOD:DOOM – Brad Bond, Tessa Hunt, Jessica Reed, Rob Yazzie and James Whelan)

We came in second! To approximately no one’s surprise, Music Design (aka Death Panel for Cutie) won the whole thing and ate their prize, about 30 pounds of ice cream and waffle cones, gleefully.

The trick to winning trivia is to know a lot about a lot of different, somewhat unrelated things — or, more efficiently, create a team of experts in specific fields. I had the Top 40 songs and weird alternative stuff down pat, but when it came to soul, country and jazz, I was hosed.

I believe in having a broad and diverse musical knowledge, which is why I believe in 67890. Maybe the most diverse program we offer, 67890 has a little bit of everything – big, feathered-haired 70’s bands, sweet 60’s folk, pumped up 80’s jams, and all the weird florals of the 90s and the chart busting tracks on the radio today. It has everything! Just like your clutch trivia team.

– Submitted by Tessa Hunt, Audio Engineering