Finding new music for Classical music can at times be challenging since it is so subjective. Some prefer the more methodical and rhythmic structure of Baroque era music – for others, it’s the swell of dynamics and lush instrumentation of Romantic era pieces that they love.

The most important consideration when searching for new classical music is the quality of the recordings. There are many different interpretations since the pieces have been around for so long. The process for evaluating which recordings to use takes great attention to detail, including understanding of the nuances of how melodic themes are expressed, appreciation for the highs and lows of the dynamic range of the piece and how that is expressed by the artist. For orchestral pieces, the conductor’sĀ interpretationĀ of the musical score is key to finding a great recording. As for chamber and solo pieces, it may be something as subtle as how lightly an artist plays a softer portion of the piece.

– Submitted by Janica Chang, Music Design