This is a nod to Amanda Varney’s recent blog about the changing of the seasons…

We’re well into Spring time now with bees buzzing (hopefully regaining their numbers!), a break from the harsh cold weather (for most of us…sorry everyone not in southern California!), and gaining more daylight as each day passes (that one was for everyone!).


Wouldn’t you guess, it’s time to start progressing the sound. As the season changes and gets brighter, the music cheerfully skips closely behind. Any sleepy or somber music that had helped pass the dreary winter days could now be slowly phased out and replaced with something a bit more light and airy. Some of the characteristics I look for to align my music with the seasons include:

• Music that matches the sweet aroma of the first bloom of flowers on your neighborhood block on your way home.
• Songs that get you ready for the beautiful day that awaits, while you trade your layered, comfy clothes for a t-shirt and shorts.
• Sunny melodies that make us smile, reminding us that we have that much more daylight to enjoy after a long, hard day at work.

Here are a few examples that remind me of all those things and more:

You can find similar content in our Core offerings including Shine, Feedback and Hit Sweep. Enjoy the sunshine!

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design