One secret to the perfect holiday soundtrack is the careful use of non-traditional holiday picks that echo the themes and sounds of the holidays, without actually being Christmas songs. By using these types of selections artfully between more well-known Christmas standards, our Music Designers expand each program’s playlist to further enhance the appeal of the soundtrack and reduce repetition.  This is particularly helpful in programs used in upscale or niche environments where a business or brand wants to acknowledge the holiday season with a more subtle and thoughtful approach.

“Frosti” by Bjork (Pop/Rock)

Evocative of delicate winter icicles and the feeling of holiday magic – perfect for celebrating the holidays with a more gentle acknowledgment.

“Every Day I Love” by Squarepusher (Electronica)

A wonderful sound if you’re in the mood for reflective beauty.  Again, it’s not an actual holiday song, but one that feels just right for the time of year and the season of giving.

“River” by Joni Mitchell (Pop/Rock)

A tender and subtle classic capturing the blue beauty of the winter season.

“Hey America” By James Brown (Pop/Rock)

Mr. Dynamite takes Christmas as a starting point, but drives home the idea of peace and harmony with this funk burner.

“Natch” by Arc Lab (Electronica)

Synthetic chords and chimes create the feeling of a stroll through a winter landscape.  Soothing and sophisticated.

– Submitted by Anida Gurlit, Linda Kennedy, John Parsons and Bill Spencer, Music Design