Nostalgia!  As we grow old we often find ourselves (intentionally or not) re-capturing feelings and memories of days gone by. There are many things that can trigger buried emotions and recollections of places, people, events and just day-to-day life as it once was. It could come from a scent in the air, a walk through an antique shop, flipping through the pages of old photo albums, or going to a vintage car show. When it happens, you know it. It’s like déjà vu.

For me, it is music that most often takes me to those places along the road of life. Music, and those unique mechanical music programming machines known as Jukeboxes. Whether it’s a vintage Wurlitzer, or one of the wild “futuristic” models along its evolutionary path, Jukeboxes are, and have always been my passion and my gateway to the past.

As far back as I can remember, there was always a Jukebox in the house. The 1940s AMI that my parents bought and converted to play 45s (instead of the 78s it was designed for), to the 1960s Seeburg I got for my 14th birthday, to the 1980s NSM that I bought and carted around from coast-to coast, me and the Jukebox have been inseparable.

From the birth of Rock ‘n Roll, through the British Invasion, Soul, Disco, & New Wave, no matter what decade you call your own, and weather or not you’ve ever owned a Jukebox, or for that matter, a” record” collection, the Jukebox Gold program by Mood has a mix that bridges generations, and helps us enjoy how much we all really have in common.

– Submitted by Bill Spencer, Music Design