Here are some of my favorite ways of discovering new music and staying inspired. I trust and value the taste of these buyers, bloggers and DJs. I thought I would share a few things I check out every Monday morning…

I’m a huge fan of Other Music. It’s one of the music shops I never miss when I’m in NYC. I highly reccomend making your way to the East Village and spend an hour or two or three. It’s worth it. They also have a great site with weekly music updates.¬†Great taste here. Something for everyone.

Here’s one of my favorite discoveries:

Born in 1978 (and still going strong), Manchester’s Piccadilly Records is another independent record shop I find inspiring and equally awesome. They lists new releases every Monday (not to mention awesome staff picks and great write ups).

My recent fave from Piccadilly:

Another store from the UK, Juno Records is where I go to find good beats.¬†They pretty much have all the 12 inches I will ever need when shopping online. I like to check New Releases in whatever genre I’m looking in. I also like to check some of the DJ charts.

I just discovered this gem (from BadboE’s chart…love that guy!):

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design