As a Music Designer, I have the amazing benefit of being able to discover new artists and music way before the average consumer. One of the reasons being, that, as a professional, I always have my ears on. Much like an auto designer gawking at sleek sports cars or an architect glancing upwards at different structures, musical notes always find their way into my head, no matter what I’m doing. I suspect that auto designer and that architect are both looking for details or particulars that they can insert into their own projects. And as I listen to music, not only am I trying to discover something new but I am also trying to figure a way to get this cool, new content into one of my playlists. If it’s a stylish lounge track, perhaps it will fit into a customized playlist for a clothing store. Or if it’s conga drums with a cool, funky vibe, then maybe it would fit in the Latin Jazz playlist.

Sometimes finding new music is kinda like Columbus finding America whilst in search of the Orient. Navigating through traffic in Miami, I find myself stuck in the car way longer than I’d like to be. Between satellite and terrestrial radio, CD player, Bluetooth and USB connections, the choice of music purveyance is seemingly endless. But yet there’s one more audio source emitting from within my shiny metal box every so often…my 3 year old daughter Gabriella. On occasion, as I’m fumbling through technology, she’ll break into song without warning. Immediately, I’m thrust into a game of Name That Tune, as I try to decipher the lyrics and melody that she’s performing (Shazam really needs a toddler function). Her interpretations of the latest Bruno Mars or Pitbull track are usually way better than the originals…not that I’m biased, of course. Ultimately, I figure if that song reached her through the clutter of Disney and Hello Kitty that otherwise occupies her consciousness, then it’ll certainly reach consumers making their way through our customer environments. Of course, if my 7 year old daughter Sophia shoots the song down, then it’s back to the drawing board.

But I’m totally glad that they both have their ears on.

– Submitted by Eric Martinez, Music Design