One of the most important aspects of custom music design is creating the right in-store mood for the brand (Mood is our company name after all!), and several factors are considered when determining whether a song contributes to creating the right mood or whether it misses the mark. In addition to the musical aspects of a song, lyrics can come into play, especially for certain brands. One of my custom clients is a brand that is all about positive messages and personal connections, so I’m particularly aware of the lyrical message in the songs I choose for them. If a brand is selling products that emphasize love, friendship, and general positivity, it makes sense for the in-store atmosphere to foster a similar mood.

Using lyrics to contribute to a positive mood doesn’t mean that every song needs to be about sunshine and rainbows in order to work. The goal is to maintain an overall upbeat, positive vibe, both musically and lyrically. Some songs are exclusively cheerful, some are about overcoming hardship or obstacles, and some are neutral or not really lyrically positive at all, but musically upbeat. Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” is a good example in the “overcoming obstacles” category with lyrics such as “you held me down, but I got up, already brushing off the dust.” Including a mix of songs with upbeat or cheerful lyrics and those that fall into more neutral lyrical territory helps maintain variety in the program and keeps the mood feeling fresh. When dealing with both the lyrical and musical aspects of a song, it is not only the individual song, but also the way all of the songs work together that must be considered in order to effectively create or enhance a particular in-store mood.

– Submitted by Erin Yousef, Music Design