In early December, our Live Series brought in a duo from the smallest town in the smallest county in the small state of Rhode Island. This duo is known as Brown Bird and consists of David Lamb and Morganeve Swain. Both multi-instrumentalists, the band played a selection of tunes from their latest album, Salt for Salt. The combination of folksy songwriting, soulful harmony, and rich instrumentation fit beautifully with Mean Eyed Cat’s aesthetic.


Learn more about the band here. They’re on tour now so if they’re coming to a city near you we highly recommend you make it out!

Here’s Brown Bird’s performance of  “Bilgewater” at the Mean Eyed Cat…

After their performance, David and Morganeve chatted with Music Designer, Deidre Gott. They talk about how the band formed, how it’s changed over the years, and their inspirations (Metal!).

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media