Though she’s based out of Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Yael Meyer recently returned to her native Chile to play at the 2nd annual Lollapalooza Chile Festival. We were lucky enough to talk with Meyer about that experience, her favorite instrument to play, her fear of fish, and more!

Jessica Reed: You started music at a very young age. Did you always know that’s what you wanted to do or did you ever entertain the idea of another career?

Yael Meyer: Yes I started playing music when I was really young and, like many children, I wanted to be and do many things (and still do!) when I grew up. When I was around 18 years old though, I was confronted with having to decide what I wanted to dedicate 100% of my time, energy, creativity and commitment. Music was the one thing that I felt and thought would make me the happiest in the long term, while at the same time allowing me to wear many hats as well. Today I get to write, record, perform, produce, organize, develop, envision, bring people together to create together and connect with people in different levels. Sometimes I even get to feel that I am making a small difference in somebody’s world, when people feel connected to a particular song or performance in a personal way, and write to me or come up to me to share their stories and experience.

JR: What inspires your songwriting?

YM: Life, love, fear, heartbreak, disappointment, fulfillment, visions, dreams, family, nature, music, silence, my connection to the Divine/Creator, the simple things of every day life. Every person I have ever met and every situation I have ever encountered. Everything in life and in the world is to me a source of inspiration.

JR: You’re a multi-instrumentalist, do you have a favorite instrument to play?

YM: My favorite instrument to play is bass, but I rarely get to play it with other people. I am by no means a bass player, but it’s the one I enjoy playing the most! When it comes to songwriting though I usually gravitate mostly to guitar and/or piano. Sometimes though, I like to grab something unusual to see if the instrument itself, and the sounds I have not heard before, or played in a long time, will bring some new inspiration.

JR: You’ve been described as “a female version of Death Cab for Cutie meets Jack Johnson”…are you fans of these bands? Do you feel this is an accurate description? Are there any other artists you’d want to be compared to?

YM: Yes I am fan of both bands! I don’t know if it is an accurate description or not. I think it is difficult for any artist to feel that any description is ever accurate of what we do. I guess the best and only way to get a really clear and accurate account is to actually experience the music itself first hand! I understand though the need to be able to compare music and describe it in words so people can get a sense of it before they hear it, and in that case I think this is actually a pretty good description, or at least one that is extremely flattering, and one that I certainly don’t mind at all!

JR: Your songs have received placements in a number of TV shows and at events. Was this a goal or a happy accident?

YM: It has always been our goal to be able to get the music in front of as many eyes and ears as possible and of course, music licensing (TV, Films etc) has always been high in our priority list. It is one of the main reasons why we moved to Los Angeles. It is also a very important avenue by which we as an independent label/artist can stay competitive in the industry and continue creating music without the aid of a larger label. At the same time, music licensing is not at all something that you can control very much. You can make the music available to the people who are critical in the decision making process of how a song gets on a certain show or event, but in the end, it is not up to us in any way whether the song actually gets selected or even pitched for a certain event or scene. So I guess the answer is a bit of both, a goal and also a happy accident.

JR: You recently performed at Lollapalooza in Chile. How was that experience? Had you been to the original festival in Chicago? If so, how do they compare?

YM: Lollapalooza Chile was an absolute incredible experience in every possible way. I had never been part of a festival of such magnitude and was really proud to be part of one that was happening in Chile, which is where I come from, where I grew up and a place that I love so dearly. I am really proud of everything that is happening there. There’s a feeling of effervescence, of so much possibility happening right now and people are so hungry and excited about music. The organizers really put together an amazing event, and I know it was no small feat. I have never been to the one in Chicago, but I would love to!

JR: What’s one thing your fans might not know about you?

YM: I am pretty terrified of fish! 😉

Yael Meyer just released a charming video for “Used To Be”, the third single from her Kli Records’ album Everything Will Be Alright. It’s impossible not to tap your feet…

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media