Late last year, singer/songwriter Michael McDermott (accompanied by his lovely wife Heather Horton) stopped by our Austin office to perform a few songs from his latest album, Hit Me Back.


Not familiar with Michael McDermott? Here’s what Stephen King has to say about him:

“Michael McDermott’s music, like Springsteen’s and Van Morrison’s, helped me to find a part of myself that wasn’t lost, as I had feared, but only misplaced. That’s why we love the ones who are really good at it, I think: because they give us back ourselves, all dusted and shined up, and they do it with a smile….Michael McDermott is one of the best songwriters in the world and possibly the greatest undiscovered rock and roll talent of the last 20 years.” – Stephen King, Bestselling Author

After the performance, we sat Michael down in our Knittel Lounge and talked with him about his songwriting process, the recording of his latest album (it involves the Mob), and his creative outlets. Watch the interview below:

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media

*Photo by Mark Shapiro