Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA has become a mainstay venue for the performing American songwriter. Founder Eddie Owens hopes to continue the same tradition at the recently opened Red Clay Theatre in Duluth, GA. On July 21, he invited singer and storyteller David Wilcox to perform there in support of his latest record Reverie, as part of the Eddie Owens Presents live event series.


David Wilcox is one of those artists who has captured my ear over the years with his great songwriting, accompanied by his warm vocal and the sounds he generates from his guitars. I had missed his last 2-night recorded performance at Eddie’s Attic (available for download on his website), but I wanted to catch him this time around.

The venue is larger than Eddie’s Attic, seating about 250 when filled to capacity. It was not quite a full house for this night, but there were enough people in attendance. I managed to find a seat in the “sweet spot” of the venue, in the fourth row middle section, where the sounds would hit me just right.

There was no opener for this show, which allowed for more time to enjoy David’s music. David’s setup was simple- just a microphone and his amplified RainSong graphite acoustic. From where I was sitting the mix sounded fantastic. I could hear the newness of the guitar strings as he strummed, the low notes not lacking in their fullness and depth, and the vocal mix was clear and fitting to his singing style. The intimate sound conveyed in his recordings was definitely present. The audiophile in me was pleased.

He performed a lot of favorites, dividing his set into two with a short intermission in between. He started off the first set with “Leave It Like It Is.” His wit provided the crowd with laughter in between and during the songs, with talk of bodily functions, metaphors of fixing cars, and of what makes a good marriage (“Start with the Ending”). I was not familiar with a few of the songs he played so at times I felt I was not “in on the joke” but I couldn’t help but enjoy the music nonetheless. There was a vivid truth and honesty painted in the words he was singing. His alternate guitar tunings also gave a rich ambience to the mood of each song. He ended the night with “The Customer is Always Right”, off his album Musical Medicine.

For anyone who loves pure, acoustic-based music, be sure to give a listen to David Wilcox. Do yourself a favor an pick up any one of his acclaimed recordings or catch a live show. You won’t be disappointed. He is currently working on a new record slated for release in the spring of 2013.

Before the show, I was able to talk with David about what music means to him, the “Wilcox Weekend”, and his thoughts on the digital age.

– Submitted by Akrofi Koram, Hardware Specialist