Brandon & Leah is the singer/songwriter duo consisting of Malibu natives Brandon Jenner (son of Bruce Jenner) and Leah Felder (daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder). This duo (and married couple) starting making music together in their teens and released their first EP, Cronies, this week.

Brandon and Leah

Produced in collaboration with Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Jesca Hoop), the EP includes music that “presents a modern, electro-pop-soul twist on the Southern California sound.” You may recognize the first track, “Showstopper,” as the theme song from E! Entertainment’s “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” and featured in the promos for NBC’s “Ready For Love.”

We managed to catch up with Brandon & Leah as they prepared for the release of Cronies. Read below to learn more about their influences, charity involvement and more…

Jessica Reed: Did you always know that making music together would be your future? If not, what did you picture yourselves doing? 

Leah Felder: I always knew. Even if I wasn’t successful, I’d still be making music.

JR: You make it look effortless…is being in a band with your spouse as easy as it looks?

LF: It’s better than it looks.

Brandon Jenner: It’s better than it looks. We get to share all of the ups and the downs.

JR: You’ve cited Bob Marley and Ben Harper as influences, and it’s reflected in your sound. Do you have any influences that fans wouldn’t expect? Any influences that you don’t share?

LF: I love Jesus and Mary Chain. I absolutely loved Frank Sinatra growing up – still do. And my mom. She’s got a really cute voice. She’s an inspiration.

BJ: I like quirky things like Justice. They’re a really cool band that i’ve been listening to for awhile. And Ween.

LF: And Sigur Rós.

JR: What’s more fun, recording or performing?

BJ: Totally different beasts.

LF: They’re both kind of tied into one at the same time. It’s just a form of expression. Just a different form of the same expression.

BJ: When you’re in a studio, nobody’s around so you feel more free to experiment and try everything without being judged. Whereas when you’re playing a show, that’s what it’s all about – you’re in front of a ton of people. It’s more rigid but it’s more exhilarating.

JR: Your music videos are shot by Funk Factory Films. What is it about working with them that brings you back?

LF: The Funk Brothers are the best in town (period.) They have the ability to take our ideas and bring them to life in a way that totally exceeds my expectations.

BJ: I don’t ever want to go to anybody else.

JR: If you could curate a show with any artist(s) at any venue in the world, who and where would you choose? 

LF: John Lennon in my living room.

JR: Can you talk about your involvement with the LA Youth Network, why it’s important to you, and how others can get involved? 

LF: The LA Youth Network assists homeless and runaway youth in LA. I feel that because I grew up in a certain area of LA that it’s my duty to look after the people on the other side of town. We believe that homeless and foster youth deserve to know that the community cares.

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media