We had a chance to sit down with Grammy Award winning musician Béla Fleck when he and The Flecktones came through on their last tour with the all original lineup including Victor Wooten, Futureman and Howard Levy.

A jazz-fusion banjo player and a trail blazer in his own right, Béla talked to us about everything from originally meeting his band mates in The Flecktones to his new Banjo Concerto with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Listen to his story to find all of that, his guilty pleasures and pros and cons of touring the festival circuit – and more!

Béla Fleck Interview by MoodMedia

Songs featured in this interview are from the latest Béla Fleck & The Flecktones album, “Rocket Science” which can be purchased here.

“Gravity Lane”
“Life In Eleven”
“Storm Warning”
“Earthling Parade”
“The Secret Drawer”
“Bottle Rocket”

– Submitted by Jen Quinonez, Audio Engingeer