Interning at Mood Media has changed the way I shop. Working with the Music Design team has opened my eyes to the world of in-store media solutions. As an avid shopper, lover of brands, and fan of brick-and-mortar stores, I thought I had a grasp on the shopping experience. It wasn’t until I was exposed to all that Mood does that I actually realized how the design, colors and overall atmosphere of a retail location influences my decisions. But more importantly, I realized that music can make or break a customer’s experience.

Every aspect of a store, down to its music, can exemplify the values and goals of a brand. The effort that goes into creating an ambience with music is certainly not appreciated enough. Since starting my internship in September, I have noticed the music in every business I have been to. I take notice when music fits the brand perfectly, when it misses the mark, and even when it is just average. And this new awareness has certainly influenced the way I see retail brands, even my favorite ones, in both a positive and negative way. This has even extended to the way I experience restaurants and other businesses.

Now that I’ve been behind the scenes, I can appreciate this process even more. I see the effort that goes into curating music for brands, whether they’re local or global. Every song and every artist is specifically picked to fit whatever genre or feel a client needs. The details that go into making sure each song is high quality, appropriate and relevant was a complete eye opener to me. I realized every single song matters here at Mood, just like every detail matters in making the customer experience just right.

– Submitted by Samantha Favela, Music Design