I guess there’s nothing wrong with dorm room musicians making indulgent pop on their laptops, but you have to admit that any artist is going to hit a brick wall if they can’t put on a good show.  With FunFunFun Fest wrapping up here in Austin less than 24 hours ago, this edition of Indie Minute is dedicated to the bands that don’t just write great music, but whose live performances make you rethink what you’ve been spinning on your turntable.

Having seen these guys a bunch of times before, I was expecting to check out a song or two at FunFunFun Fest and then move on to see something new.  I have to say, this was by far the best show I’ve seen them play.  Not only are they tighter than ever, they have an awesome soulful backing vocal section now.  I never expected to hear something this full when I fell in love with Album two years ago.  It seems like the higher fidelity on this year’s Father, Son, Holy Ghost is only an indicator of the ambition this band has.

Here’s a clip of them on Fallon…although it’s nothing compared to seeing them at sunset in front of theAustincity skyline:

Ty Segall:
Goodbye Bread, Ty’s Drag City debut, is definitely a more mellow record than his previous thrashers…more Slider era T-Rex than Fun House era Stooges.  Regardless, nothing has cooled down about his live performances.  With an expanded band, his performance at FFF sizzled and ended with him bestowing his beat up Fender to a lucky kid in the audience.

New video for the track “Goodbye Bread””

Big Freedia:
The undisputed Queen Diva of Bounce Music owned day one of the festival.

This is more or less what happens if you’ve never seen it for yourself:

The Damned
OK, these guys may not play a big role in current Indie circles, but one must remember that they are the FIRST UK punk band and will therefore be ambassadors of Indie attitude forever.  They still put on a better show than just about any new band.  Catch them on this tour!


Me with Captain Sensible!

This rising Austin punk band is probably the best new band I saw during the festival.  Hard hitting and manic, OBN III’s have more than enough style to launch them to the next level.  Get their debut on Tic Tac Totally records before they’re gone and your left waiting for the second pressing.

Other notable performances:
Zero Boys
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
The Black Lips
Hot Snakes
Davilla 666

– Submitted by Justin Main, Music Design