What’s Your Rupture? is a New York based label that’s been putting out great DIY indie rock and punk music since the early 2000s. The common path with labels of this ilk is to build a reputation putting out promising local releases, but WYR took a different path by reaching around the globe. Early successes on the label included Sweden’s Love is All and England’s The Long Blondes.

Specializing in limited vinyl releases, WYR has built a catalog of up-and-coming artists and quality reissues. On the reissue front, they’ve helped bring the bitter sweet, youthful sound of pioneering lo-fi rockers, Tronics, to a new generation.

Without a whole lot out there on the net (even their website is unfinished), it’s probably best to let the music speak for itself. Check out some of the great stuff What’s Your Rupture? has put out:

Royal Headache “Girls”

Comet Gain “An Arcade From the Warm Rain that Falls”

Iceage “Broken Bone”

Nodzzz LP Promo

– Submitted by Justin Main, Music Design