Since 2007, this Brooklyn label has been an influential tastemaker, putting out great Experimental Pop, Indie Rock, Psych, Punk and beyond. In spite of covering a range of genres, the records on Sacred Bones tend to have a few things in common. For one, most of the music on the label has a dark twist, sometimes bleak/chilling and sometimes more abrasive. I mean this in a good way. Industrial sounds and Germanic analog synths are welcomed with open arms. Whether it’s the Birthday Party-esque noise shock of Pop. 1280 or the nocturnal Pop of Zola Jesus, Sacred Bones just doesn’t mess around with fun, feel good music.

Sacred Bones releases can also be recognized by their distinct artwork, designed by David Correll. Paying tribute to Classical LP jackets, most Sacred Bones covers have all of the relevant info right on the front cover- label insignia in the top left corner and band name, album title, and track list in the top right corner.

Check out some of the highlights from the Sacred Bones catalog below:

Moon Duo “Killing Time”

U.V. PØP “No Songs Tomorrow” (Reissue from 1982)

Human Eye “Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2”

Psychic Ills “Mind Daze”

Wymond Miles “Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them”

– Submitted by Justin Main, Music Design