Hardly Art isn’t the only label putting out up-and-coming Indie artists on a tight budget, but they’re definitely doing a better job than a lot of others. The label is run by just two employees. With releases from artists like Jacuzzi Boys, Hunx and His Punx, La Sera, and The Dutchess and The Duke, they’ve put out an impressive range of bands since the label was founded in 2007.

Jacuzzi Boys “Automatic Jail”


They haven’t done it alone. Hardly Art is a subsidiary of Indie giant, Sub Pop. The label has certainly benefited from the distribution channels and creative resources of a much larger label.

One of the things that distinguishes Hardly Art is it’s music videos. Check out some of the latest below.

Hunx “Always and Forever”


La Sera “Please Be My Third Eye”

Xray Eyeballs “Déjà vu”

Fergus & Geronimo “Where The Walls Are Made of Grass”

-Submitted By Justin Main, Music Design