In the 90’s, before “Indie” was a genre, Drag City was putting out music from the weird Alternative Rock artists that laid the foundation for it. Stange lyrics, obscure influences and, for the most part, a complete disregard for musical convention abounded in artists like Pavement, Royal Trux, and Silver Jews. A decade later, artists like these found their way onto the iPods of tons of outsider kids, influencing the commercial breakthrough of “Indie” in the mid-2000’s.

Time capsule: Drag City released Refried Ectoplasm, an essential compilation of early Stereolab singles.

Drag City has credibility outside of 90’s alternative culture as well. The label helped to re-introduce 60’s pin up idol turned avant-garde maestro, Scott Walker, to a new generation by releasing his experimental classic Tilt in the US. Serious credit is also due for issuing¬†…For the Whole World to See,¬†a comp of Detroit’s awesome but barely heard Proto Punks, Death.

Drag City is still going strong. Check out some of the great artists currently releasing music on the label:

Bill Callahan “Heaven Help the Child”

Ty Segall & White Fence “Scissor People”

Bonnie Prince Billy “Quail and Dumplings”

Joanna Newsom “Good Intentions Paving Company” Live on Austin City Limits

– Submitted by Justin Main, Music Design