As the Holiday season moves into high gear, we’re once again sharing proven tips and best practices from our Creative departments to help you make the most of this all-important season.

Christmas Shopping

There’s one foundational idea that is critical to creating the ultimate Holiday experience: Purposeful, strategic design of your on-site media elements. It’s what we call Experience Design, and it’s the key to success for our hundreds of thousands of clients.

Every marketing channel has inherent value and particular strengths, but the secret to fully realizing the potential of these customer touchpoints is to see them as part of an integrated whole. All channels should work together to market your business and communicate to your customers in a clear, consistent and cost-effective way.

Chances are, you have clear goals for your business. You have a vision for what you want to deliver to your customers, and how you want to deliver that vision. Ideally, every decision that you’ve ever made has been made by considering what choices will best position you to achieve your goals and accomplish your vision.

Hopefully, that same deliberate process informs how you create and customize your customer experience – what your customers see, what they hear, what they encounter, even what they feel – on-site and on your web properties. Every touch point is an opportunity to reinforce your vision, differentiate your business and build a lasting connection with your customers. If the customer experience is designed carefully, then it becomes a powerful and productive part of your business – a valuable asset that increases sales and builds loyalty.

The essence of Experience Design is simply taking the time to look at your customer experience – and all your marketing channels – in a strategic way.  Make choices so that all of your solutions are working together – not pulling against each other with an unfocused agenda.

There’s no better time to leverage the power of Experience Design than during the holiday season – a critical time for any business, when any advantage can have a direct impact on the bottom line. If there’s any way that we can help you succeed, just let us know.

Happy Holidays from Mood Media!

– Submitted by Matt Mahoney, Marketing