Scent continues to be one of the fastest-growing marketing options for retail and business locations year-round, but there is no better time to fully leverage your scent solution than during the Christmas shopping season. Second only to Christmas music, ambient scent can play a powerful role in completely transforming a space and eliciting fond holiday memories – as well as slice through the chaos of everyday life to immediately relax and attract customers, guests and clients.

Most scent clients choose to customize their scent strategy for the major seasons and – especially Christmas – taking the opportunity to highlight particular merchandise, or linking the scent to their overall environment and seasonal décor.

To that end, one of the most common questions we receive is, “What are the most popular holiday fragrances?”  While Mood offers more than 1500+ options to choose from, there are 16 clear favorites when it comes to the holidays:

Candy CaneCool mints, peppermint, spearmint and vanilla
Candy CornCandy corn
CinnamonSpicy, red hots, cinnamon
CornucopiaOrange citrus, spices and woods
Cranberry Apple MarmaladeA fruity compote of spiced apples and tart cranberry
Evergreen ForestWarm resinous woods, and fir balsam
Festival of SpicesHint of citrus blends into cinnamon and warm spices
Gingerbread ManWarm baking spices of cinnamon and clove mix with ginger and a hint of sugar
Holiday SpiceOrange citrus and fir balsam
Hot Apple PieEveryone’s favorite, hot apple pie with the warmth of cinnamon & sweetness of pie crust
NoelA holiday tradition – citrus, berries and fir balsam
Old St. NickOrange citrus with a hint of spice and a background of woods
Pumpkin PiePumpkin pie, warm and spicy with a hint of sweetness
Season’s GreetingsCitrus notes, spicy cinnamon and fir balsam
Spiced Apple CiderA warm spicy apple fragrance with hints of clove and a background of cinnamon
Spiced WinterSugar glaze and spicy cinnamon

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– Submitted by Matt Mahoney, Marketing