“Love. A short word, easy to spell, hard to define, and impossible to live without.” – Unknown

The concept of love is easy to apply to many areas of life, but why is the word ‘love’ swirling around so much lately in brand campaigns?  Of course, love is our most desired experience, even when interacting with a brand. And in today’s super-connected world, awash with unending noise and competition for your customers’ affection, love is getting harder to find.

All brands should aspire to connect to their customers emotionally, in an authentic and personal way. This connection should also be unique, separating you from your competitors. Love grows between brands and customers by not only meeting a customer’s need for the product or service, but also by delivering an emotional and experiential element that connects in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Why does this matter?  Love is what builds greater connections, creates loyalty and develops relationships with your customers that endure over time. So, what do you think about when you consider how you can create meaningful connections that tempt your customers to fall in love with your brand?

When you put your brand message together with strategy, intent and purpose, it tells a story. A story of a LOVE BRAND whose personality connects and lasts. At Mood Media, when we think about creating an impactful experience for our clients, we consider these four personality traits:

+ Passionate: Are you conveying passion about the vision, product and experience that you give to your customers?

+ Focused: Is what you are saying to your customers focused on an aligned mission, target and outcome? Is it consistent?

+ Intimate: Are you intimately connecting with customers on a deeper, more personal level?  If so, how?

+ Unconditional: Is everything that your brand does centered on an experience that creates emotion and attracts lifelong customers?  Emotion appeals to the heart and that ultimately leads to unconditional relationships between brand and customer.

Tie all of these filters, or traits, together and you are better able to connect on an emotional level with customers and ultimately evolve into a LOVE BRAND.

– Submitted by Jaime Bettencourt, Premier Account Management