By definition, On-Hold and On-Site (Overhead) Messaging are two of the most efficient ways to speak directly to customers, guests or clients and reinforce your overall brand experience. As such, the holidays present an ideal time to update your messaging so you can align your marketing efforts across channels for maximum impact.

As you consider your holiday messaging strategy, the Mood Voice team offers the following tips and best practices for the Holiday season: 

1)  Cut through the clutter and prioritize
The holidays can be hectic for employees and customers. On-site and on-hold messaging offer an opportunity to communicate in a consistent way. Consider the bigger picture and your overall marketing efforts – what are the key messages that you want to share with every shopper or every caller?

2)  We’ll keep the lights on for you
One of the most common yet most critical needs is to inform customers of schedule changes. How will the holidays impact your place of business – what do your customers and clients need to know?

3)  Share your holiday spirit
The holidays are all about giving. Take a moment in your messages to thank customers, guests and clients for their business. They’ll appreciate the gesture and remember that shopping or doing business is a choice – and why they’ve chosen you.

4)  Share the love
Does your store, restaurant, hotel or office sponsor a charitable or community organization? The holiday season is a wonderful time to feature these partnerships and share the spotlight with deserving partner organizations and any related seasonal events or activities.

5)  The most special time of the year
What holiday promotions, activities or events would you like to feature? For those with on-site messaging, you might consider how to drive point-of-purchase sales. With on-hold messaging, consider spotlighting any ongoing offers, seasonal menu items, special packages, etc. And don’t forget special holiday events – for instance, is Santa coming to visit?

6)  Remind them to check their list twice
Many businesses like to specifically promote supplementary products or services that are relevant during the holidays and beyond, such as gift cards, catering services, room/event rentals, etc. Remind customers and guests of what they may have forgotten and help them accomplish more with you.

7)  Be savvy and social
What are you doing on your website or social media properties, and how can you encourage folks to connect with you outside your location? Cross-promote online specials or social contests and consider how to elicit their participation.

If your plans are complete, we’d love to hear about your holiday messaging strategy. Join the conversation on our Facebook page or tweet #mood_matters to @moodmedia. We’d love to hear from you!

– Submitted by Matt Mahoney, Marketing