Dengue Fever is a six-member band from Los Angeles who combine Cambodian pop music and lyrics with psychedelic rock. The band was formed in 2001 by Ethan Holtzman and brother Zac after Ethan made a trip to Cambodia. As they searched Khmer for a vocalist, Chhom Nimol (who goes by her last name) was singing in a nightclub in the Little Phnom Penh area of Long Beach. Already a well-known karaoke singer in Cambodia, she moved to the United States after visiting her sister there. She became the band’s lead vocalist. Zac is also a vocalist and guitarist, while Ethan plays the Farfisa organ. Senon Williams (who also played in Radar Bros.) plays the bass, Paul Smith plays the drums, and David Ralicke performs on the brass instruments.


We had the opportunity to talk with Zac and Nimol before their set at Emo’s in Austin on May 6th. They are currently on tour in support of their latest album, Cannibal Courtship. Hear what they have to say about how the band came about, their involvement in charities, their favorite place and Nimol’s current favorite song.

– Submitted by Ray Goforth, Interactive