Trends show shoppers want more than a final sale. Shoppers want an experience.

A warm greeting. A welcoming environment. Perhaps a memorable moment. We want to be part of the story.

We don’t just want to shop for a guitar. We want the FEELING that goes with it. We want to be IN the story. We want to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan on a sticky Austin summer night. And if that guitar can keep that legacy alive; we haven’t just bought the guitar, we’ve bought in to the story. And we’ll be lifelong fans of that moment… in your shop. The moment when YOUR guitar gave us the blues. And that’s a story we’ll tell forever.

But a recent survey revealed more than “one third of consumers typically feel nothing when asked what their initial reaction was when shopping in-store.”

“…Feel nothing.” Ouch.

That means they’re not only not making a connection, but they have NO feeling associated with your business. Sort of like the old saying “out of sight, out of mind.” It’s a lost opportunity, not only at creating lifelong customers, but creating storytellers for your great business and the services you provide. If they walked out your door feeling like they’d been part of a larger experience, they’d tell everyone about it!

So what can we do?

Here at Mood, that’s the question we help answer every day. We use visuals to surround your customer in your story. Sound to broadcast your brand voice. Scent to make it special. And Social so they can take you home with them.

Digital Signage helps bring desire to life at the point-of purchase. It triggers impulse buys for maximum ROI. Imagine your own fully-branded, private TV network. That would level-up your customer’s impression quickly like few tools can. And In-Store along with On-Hold Messaging work to captivate your customers with a stunning storytelling experience. The possibilities are endless and the results are significant. We’ll help add the wow factor to your business and create an EXPERIENCE your customers will never forget.

We’ll make them FEEL something when they visit.

And that creates a CONNECTION to your business for years to come!

Hey, let’s do our own little survey below. In the comments section, tell us what businesses you return to again and again, and what makes you feel good when visiting them!

– Submitted by Jon Vaden, Messaging