Los Angeles is a great city for live music. There are tons of great venues all over town and, if you’re willing to drive, it’s not hard to find a good band. I recently took advantage of this by catching Warpaint at The Fonda Theatre.

I was off to a late start and tired, but I was interested enough to push through my initial feeling of, “is it really worth the drive?” The thought of getting to check out these women in their hometown was all I needed. I have been a fan since their record, The Fool, in 2010. But I had no idea how long ago the band formed until they busted out a song called “Beetles” and said it was from 2004. They rocked it! They also played “Undertow,” “New Song,” “Love is to Die,” “The Stall” and “Biggy.” “Krimson” closed the night.

The energy of the show was high and people were on their feet the entire time. The mood was smokey and hazy. The sound and vibe was amazing. (The Fonda always sounds good!) The band members looked they were having a great time. A fight unexpectedly broke out during “No Way Out” and Warpaint had to stop playing but picked show picked back up after it was resolved. The situation could’ve lead to high drama but the band shut it down.

Their new record, Heads Up, was released several weeks ago and it looks like they have shows across the country in the next few months. See this band! The drive was totally worth it.

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design