There’s nothing I love more than catchy Britpop. It might possibly be my favorite genre of music. So when I heard that Two Door Cinema Club was playing two nights at Stubb’s in Austin, I had to make sure I went to one of these sold out shows. As usual, the weather in Texas is so unpredictable (if you don’t like, wait a day and it will change). The first show they played on April 9th, according to my friends that went, was a balmy, sweaty night.  The next night, April 10th, when I went, it was about 48 degrees outside. I didn’t mind the cold honestly. I kept warm by dancing around so it was all good.

Robert DeLong opened the show with his brand of electronic “video game” music. With a background in drums, this one-man-band had everyone dancing along to his catchy songs like “Basically, I” and “Change (How You Feel).” His set up included an array of drums, cymbals, computers, keyboards, a joystick and an X-Box controller. This was truly a sight to see.

Two Door Cinema Club hit the stage opening up with “Sleep Alone” from their second album Beacon, and got the crowd dancing from the get go (and we didn’t really stop). It’s hard to not dance to their music because it’s so fun and energetic. Playing a nice mixture of their old hits like “Do You Want It All?,” “This Is The Life,” “Something Good Can Work” and “You’re Not Stubborn” and new songs like “Settle,” “Handshake,” “Sun” and “Next Year” the band played for a good hour and a half. With a stellar light show and the sound at Stubb’s being clear, tight and perfectly mixed, it was easy to see that these guys were having fun playing together, and we were all having fun watching them. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the evening as I was in the back just enjoying myself. Finishing off the night with an encore of “Cigarettes In The Theatre, Someday” and my personal favorite What You Know, I left the show with a new tote bag and tired legs from dancing the night away.

Two Door Cinema Club is so accessible and catchy that many of our Mood Clients, including luxury hotels, stylish restaurants, and fashion designers, use the band’s music in their programming.

– Submitted by Mandi LeBlanc, Music Design