Son Lux is a band that conjures up an atmospheric, lush and ethereal world. This unique electronic sound, often using samples and vocal modulation, allows for thrilling, humming music with rising crescendos and this is exactly what I experienced when I saw them live at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC. The show was amazing and you could literally feel the energy rising within the crowd as they began with “Easy.” Check out the intense (and somewhat NSFW) video for “Easy” HERE.

Up until recently, Ryan Lott was a one man show; writing, recording and producing all of his own music. Now touring with guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang, they will release a new album, Bones, on June 23rd via Glassnote Records.

Other tracks they played at the show include “Lost It To Trying” and the new single from Bones, “Change Is Everything.”

All in all, the show was very emotionally charged – in a good way, where you can enjoy music on a deeper level. Frontman Ryan Lott really brought a quiet but clear intelligence to the stage with his impressive presence. It was almost like witnessing a mad scientist concocting something right in front of your eyes.

Son Lux

With such a unique sound and vision, Son Lux’s music is not to be missed, but it will take a special client to actually appreciate it. Thus, the difficulty in placing some of these tracks in a custom music program is inevitable. Boutique restaurants, hotels and shops would be the best placement for music like this. Additionally, you can hear Son Lux on one of our Core programs, Stylus. Stylus is glamorous, slick, with mostly all electronic textures – a perfect fit for a band like Son Lux.

Opening up for Son Lux was Natalie Prass, a relative newcomer to the scene, who just released her debut self-titled album this year to high accolades. I highly enjoyed Natalie and her band’s performance, as they have a much richer sound live than the sparsely-laid album would suggest with its mostly piano and string arrangements. Natalie showcased a deeper, more soulful voice live and I was pleasantly surprised. Her voice and music invoke old-time soul nostalgia: baking with the windows open during a simpler time with a kitchen radio booming. You can find her nestled into our Core program called Cashmere.

Check out Natalie Prass’s first two singles below:

– Submitted by Ashley Columbus-Plinzke, Music Design