If you’re a musician, concert enthusiast, or just a flat out music lover and have yet to see Snarky Puppy live (or don’t know who they are), then you have some catching up to do. The constantly changing lineup, led by genius bassist Michael League, is full of some of the most talented composers, instrumentalists, and musicians that make up today’s music industry. From Moog powered synth leads to tight fusion/R&B/funk grooves to traditional jazz improvisation, Snarky Puppy has it all.

Thursday night, June 18th, at Neighborhood Theatre was my third time seeing the band and, like each previous time, they did not disappoint. This night was especially spectacular for the crowd because the band graciously owned the stage with two sets, which included some of their most popular songs like “Skate U,” “Flood,” “Lingus,” “What About Me,” and “Binky” as well as a new song, which they unveiled during this set, called “Shark Tank.”

The night progressed with solo after solo and fill after fill (cue sounds of amazement and praise by crowd). Keyboardist Cory Henry dazzled the crowd with his flawless, melodic leads and church inspired rhythm playing, while League held down the groove and blew away the crowd with his technical abilities. I was particularly impressed with keyboard and trumpet player, Justin Stanton, who comfortably switched between both instruments and took proficient solos on each as well. The chemistry of Snarky was highlighted by tenor saxophonist Chris Bullock and trumpeter Mike Maher, who seamlessly blended harmonies and were always in tune with each other. Lastly, I can’t forget the locked in timing of percussionist Nate Werth and drummer Larnell Lewis.

The entire band was on point the whole night and I could sense the countless hours of practice and live playing that was showcased in their ability to keep the crowd engaged. I would recommend seeing this band live to anyone who likes instrumental music, fantastic musicians, spot on grooves, and on tempo crowd clapping. Definitely one of the better concerts I have had the pleasure of attending.

– Submitted by Kevin Orlando, Audio Production