I visited New Orleans for a few days in late October. I shot street musicians, a club in the French Quarter, a neighborhood bar in the Bywater District, an eclectic punk showcase, a Halloween parade, a second line wedding march in the French Quarter, and a jazz club on Frenchmen Street.

When I first started exploring New Orleans on Wednesday, as I was standing on Canal Street, I heard a lone saxophone with a rich golden tone echoing from around the corner in the narrow of Bourbon Street:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 7664


Frank told me he’d be performing that week at the Krazy Korner on Bourbon Street, and I caught him there the next night playing mostly rub board with Crawdaddy T. and the Nuetra Rats:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 5223

Kevin and Frank

(c) Mark Shapiro - 5269


In New Orleans, you see traveling street musicians like you see bankers in lower Manhattan:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 8790

Vincent Anthony May, from Concord, New Hampshire, on Canal Street

Later that night, I visited Bar Redux in the Bywater District. Five Card Stud, one of the very few country bands in New Orleans, was playing. So I thought it would be good to photograph them – to go against the usual expectation of what you’d think you’d find in New Orleans:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 8969

(c) Mark Shapiro - 8966

(c) Mark Shapiro - 8981

The Backyard

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9321

Daniel Rongey

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9263

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9197

Ron Clark

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9277

Clay Diamond

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9462

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9306

Matt Hughes

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9424

Jason Schell

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9026

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9405(c) Mark Shapiro - 9358


After Five Card Stud at Club Redux, I headed over to Frenchmen Street where I caught the Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band at the Spotted Cat:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 0041

Dr. Sick and Tommy Sciple

(c) Mark Shapiro - 0247

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9897

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9761

Colin Myers

(c) Mark Shapiro - 9952

On Friday night I went to Siberia on St Claude Avenue for a show called “Punks Under Pressure”:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1391

Jason Percle, Seguenon Kone, Ray Moore, Chris Lacinak, Trea Martinez and William Snowden with Junko Beat

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1357

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1433

Neon Burgundy

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1453

White Girl Wasted

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1463

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1487


(c) Mark Shapiro - 1491

Nathan Cassiania with Special Interest

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1544

Alli Logout with Special Interest

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1562

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1612

Hampton Martin with Baghead from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1648

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1670

Zach Burton with Baghead

(c) Mark Shapiro - 1672

Dancing to Baghead

On Saturday afternoon I hung out on Canal Street where I came upon the a cappella group Jay-Ray & Gee on a stroll:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2339

Then the Kinfolk Brass Band:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2675

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2718

Then, when a bride and groom suddenly showed up, I saw that the brass band was to accompany a second line wedding march that went through the French Quarter:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2826

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2824

(c) Mark Shapiro - 2937

Then the Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade as it went up and down Canal Street:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3164

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3274

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3298

Then around the corner on O’Keefe Avenue, I saw this man getting a tip ready for the street musicians in front of a restaurant:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3334

Finally, I headed back to the Spotted Cat where I caught Dominick Grillo & The Frenchmen Street All-Stars:

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3429

Dominick Grillo

(c) Mark Shapiro - 5993

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3659

Ashlin Parker

(c) Mark Shapiro - 3504

Nick Hughes

Disclosure: In a few instances, distracting background elements were removed.

– Submitted by Mark Shapiro, Music Design