After watching NFL football at a local sports bar, I arrived at Zilker Park to start the last day of the 2014 Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival.  My first performance of the day was one of my recent favorites…Phantogram.

After missing them in Charlotte earlier in the year, I made sure not to miss them in Austin. The duo out of New York have been on fire recently and so it was no surprise that a massive crowd had gathered for their show. I was a little shocked to see a couple of older adults in the crowd for this performance, but the majority of the crowd was college-aged. Then again, I was in Austin, it was ACL, and UT is located right around the corner.

Phantogram started off their set with “Nothing But Trouble,” which is also the first track off the recent Voices album. A perfect track to start with, even though from the looks of it they were having some difficulties. Lead singer Sarah Barthel kept motioning with her hands to the sound guys to turn up her monitors (I assumed). By the time the second track started, “Running From the Cops,” the kinks were rattled out and it was time to dance. With the band’s catchy drum beats and synth pop sound, along with Barthel’s smooth vocals, it was hard to not bob your head and jump around. The energy that she brings to the stage is contagious and Josh Carter is not too shabby as well. His guitar riffs added a special element to their sound.

Some of my favorite tunes from the show were “Don’t Move,” “Fall In Love” (the first single from Voices) and “Black Out Days.” Overall Phantogram did not disappoint and if you have a chance to take in one of their shows, you won’t be either.

– Submitted by Jonathan Wash, Product Delivery