Stunning & electrifying visuals; That describes the current Pet Shop Boys reunion tour the duo applicably titled “Electric.”  I couldn’t resist an opportunity to see the electro-pop legends during their recent show in Seattle at the Paramount on October 2nd.

Oh yes, they sang many fan-faves dating back to the ’80s like “Suburbia,” “Go West” and even a sing-a-long session to “Domino Dancing.” But the ‘Boys’ also gently served up some of their newer material, notably the 2012 release,”Memory Of The Future,” and a buzzy, EDM-infused rendition of “Vocal” that seemed to poke fun at our current over-the-top pop culture, (from the current 2013 Electric album.)

Pet Shop Boys

Overall the show delivered the expected tongue & cheek personality we expect from Neil and Chris.

Pet Shop Boys

Staging amounted to only two dancers bouncing about, large floor-to-ceiling see-thru screens reflecting video-projected effects over the performers, along with a laser light show beautifully set to many of the song performances.  Everything moved along in brisk fashion but never seemed rushed. If you’re between 30-50 you’ll feel comfortably right at home.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design