I LOATHE having to search anywhere for MØ because of that Danish character that is basically un-type-able until you find it somewhere and can copy and paste. Thank you Google for teaching me the process to replicate it on my keyboard (alt+0216, if you’re interested.. if you want lowercase, you’re going to have to Google again). #FirstWorldProblems aside, MØ has been cranking out the jams the past few years with her Bikini Daze EP followed by her diverse studio album No Mythologies to Follow.

Danish bred MØ, or Karen Ørstead, brought her completely original brand of electro-indie-dark-brash-left of center pop full force for the first weekend of Austin City Limits Festival. Not many matched her energetic, don’t give a #$% attitude as unabashedly as she did (MAYBE Childish Gambino or Capital Cities came close…). That would explain the die-hards I was standing next to, singing along to every word as well as rocking the Danish flag for her. Way to rep guys!


‘The Sea” started out on a sweet, soft tone before ending with MØ in deep squats hopping from stage left to stage right, whipping around her pony tail held up by a simple white scrunchie. Yes, scrunchie. That’s how confident MØ is on stage. She rocks a scrunchie and will still kill it on stage. Continuing on, familiar synths sounded out and the growing crowd up roared for one of her bigger underground ‘hits’ “Pilgrim.” “All the time, I just want to let go and go (get a hold of it)” MØ warbled, which could really have been the unofficial theme to Austin City Limits for me.

The stop and go nature of “Waste of Time” amped up the energy but not as much as MØ jumping into the crowd off stage, solely braving the audience all while delivering pitch perfect vocals. At that point, I was definitely impressed to say the least.

What were the odds of her performing the weary slow burner “Freedom (#1)?” Turns out, the odds were great and that’s just what she did. This brilliant piece of somber piano balladry shot straight through my heart as I murmured along to the haunting lyrics. MØ was apparently after my own heart right there and she snatched it up serving up a flawless, heartfelt performance. Could it get better? Yes! MØ upped the ante by covering “Say You’ll Be There” by The Spice Girls. She switched it up, turning the previously syrupy sweet pop track into a brooding, avant-garde indie song. She left us with the rousing “Don’t Wanna Dance” before graciously thanking the crowd.

Between her exuberant stage presence and ample talent for writing catchy melodies, I’m expecting MØ to do some big things in the very near future. Set to be featured on the new Iggy Azalea song ready to smash into fall, I think this may be her tip over the edge to mainstream success. Here’s hoping! Until then, grab Bikini Daze and No Mythologies to Follow to tide you over until the rest of your friends catch on.

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design