It was less than a year and a half ago that I was in the same spot, awaiting Majid Jordan to serenade me into a tizzy. This time, Majid Jordan was there to support their sophomore effort, The Space Between, and somehow it seemed even more crowded at The Observatory North Park.

Before French DJ, STWO, came out for his moody set, the loud speaker blasted some dvsn tracks for a bit of OVO cross promotion, which reminded me of the amazing set from them the previous week (read my review of that show HERE). STWO blared through his set, spinning his track “Haunted.” Though I was previously unfamiliar with the song, it had me hooked immediately. The bookings at The Observatory North Park seem to keep getting better and better. Keep it up!


Once STWO had finished up, I weaseled my way as close as I could get without being obnoxious to anyone that had been standing there fair and square the whole time. Basic concert etiquette, right? As long as you can see over me, we’re all good.

Majid Jordan

Majid and Jordan slinked out onto the stage to rousing hoots and hollers from across the venue. The top of the set included the bouncy bop “OG Heartthrob” and Majid worked the crowd, which proved how all the touring in the past year had solidified his stage presence. Chilly mid-tempo “Gave Your Love Away” stood out to me from the set. Majid’s yearning vocals complimented the dark nature of the Jordan’s electronic production.

Lead single from The Space Between, “Phases,” provided a vibrant moment of energy, bass thumping so loud I felt it vibrate in between my toes. The sexy sounds of “Body Talk” confirmed another reason why co-writer James Fauntleroy is the best in the biz. The smooth production paired incredibly well with Majid’s delicate falsetto, especially towards the end of the song.

The title track provided me with my personal highlight of the night. “The Space Between” drives along with retro synth pads and a futuristic, urban pop punch that illuminates Majid’s tender delivery. The performance made me melt into a puddle. My spine tingled, before nearly collapsing. *BREATHE*

Majid revisited some of their previous work to appease those day ones (*raises hand*), like 2014’s “All I Do” and “Small Talk” from their self-titled debut. This show affirmed that the Canadian duo continues to excel in both live performance and quality music.

Majid’s music can be found in a variety of our Core and Custom Programs including: Modern Soul, Hot R&B, Cashmere, and Concrete Beats. Pick up The Space Between out via Warner / OVO now.

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design