On a warm night in late October, Majid Jordan graced the enormous Observatory North Park crowd with their divine presence. The alt. R&B duo released their self-titled debut album earlier this year, showcasing their slick, synth heavy take on modern R&B. Their innovative sound helped craft a very popular track back in 2013 with an artist you may have heard of… Drake. That song, “Hold on We’re Going Home,” may not have reached number one on the Billboard Top 100, but its timeless appeal and strong melody has made it one of the most recognizable crossover hits of the last decade.

Flash forward three years, and the Canadian pair are headlining their own tour across the US. An hour into the DJ set of the latest in mumble rap and trap (of course intertwined with artists from OVO), the millens were all fired up and ready to get wavy to Majid’s silky voice over Jordan’s sparse, and at times, somber productions.

“What they offering you in a place like this?
What they promising you when it gets like this?
Your wish, my command
So go on and take my hand,”

Majid crooned on “A Place Like This” over some heavy bass and melancholic synth pads. The fluorescent pink lights added to the ambiance and bridged the harsh lyrics with the delicate delivery. On “Hold On, We’re Going Home” twin, “Small Talk” Majid’s voice was like a warm blanket that nuzzled you on a chilly fall night. He proved that his talent had nothing to do with studio magic, as he led into some trills and runs every few lines.

Majid Jordan
The evening flew by as each track seamlessly flowed into the next. The words of their lite-house-influenced “Make It Work” easily escaped from my mouth and mirrored Majid’s strong delivery. Later on, “Shake Shake Shake” rattled off with its new wave inspired drums and it just reminded me how incredibly well-crafted their album is.

The night came to a close and that’s when Majid broke out their secret weapon. The song that propelled them into the ether…yup, you guessed it: “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” I watched, entranced and dreamy eyed and it felt as if I were hearing the song for the first time.

There were too many highlights from the set to choose an absolute favorite but, I will say that I woke up singing the bouncy “Forever” the next morning.

You can hear tunes from Majid Jordan in our Core programs, Modern Soul and Hot R&B, as well as many of our custom programming. Their self-titled debut is available now via OVO Sound and it would be a shame for you to miss out on one of the best AOTY.

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design